A patriotic and instructive game

  • Author: Michael Foight
  • Published: January 29, 2016

“The daughter of what major general died as a nurse at Camp Meade?”


Instruction card, rear

Instruction card, rear













America in the War  a patriotic and instructive game with pronunciation of all war names by Alfred F. Howe

Newly digitized by Villanova University’s Digital Library, but prepared for, and distributed by, the “Committee on War Activities of the Knights of Columbus” in 1918 this trivia game was created to bolster morale on the American home front and highlight the new American contribution and sacrifice to the ongoing European war and resultant Paris Peace Conference.

“What President of the United States was the first to cross the Atlantic?” (answer: Woodrow Wilson)


Even for military historians, this “War Names” game can be a challenge!

Instruction card, front

Instruction card, front











Who commanded the American forces in Siberia? (answer: William Sidney Graves)


"Charles M. Schwab" card, front

“Charles M. Schwab” card, front













And the answer to the lead question, in case it stumped you, is: Clarence Ransom Edwards. Alas, that the name of his now-deceased daughter Bessie didn’t warrant a “War Name” entry, though she is referenced in Edward’s Wikipedia entry.


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