Newly digitized: 1917 German Machine Gun manual

  • Author: Michael Foight
  • Published: June 16, 2014
Digital Library@Villanova University

Three firing positions. Digital Library@Villanova University

Newly digitized from the Gefreiter Heinrich Möllering Papers is the 1917  “Das Maschinengewehr 08” manual which provides instruction for German soldiers in the equipment and tactics of the machine gun. 

Machine Gun parts, Digital LIbrary@Villanova University.

Machine Gun parts, Digital LIbrary@Villanova University.

The handbook includes detailed notes for the care and tending of horses as well and of course the ubiquitous portrait of Kaiser William II. A history of the glorious German army precedes the main body of text and serves as a reminder of the duty that will be expected of every serving German soldier.

Digital Library@Villanova University.

Kaiser William II. Digital Library@Villanova University.

This specific copy was owned by Heinrich Möllering – a solder in the German army serving on the Eastern Front as a machine gunner.

Horse skeleton, Digital LIbrary@Villanova University.

Horse skeleton, p. 221, Digital LIbrary@Villanova University.


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