Episode 5: April to May 1916 (Easter Rising)

  • Author: Laura Bang
  • Published: April 20, 2016

Full show notes:


Historical documents for this episode were accessed through the digital collections of the Digital Library@Villanova University, the Internet Archive, the Library of Congress, and La Vanguardia Hemeroteca. The theme music is from “The Wearing of the Green” as performed by the Metropolitan Band with Otto Mesloh. The Mail Call podcast is a project of Home Before the Leaves Fall: a Great War Centennial Exposition. For more information, visit wwionline.org.

This episode featured the voice talents of Laura Bang, Leigh Clark, Sean Connolly, Kevin Esmond, Claudia González-Rivas, Elena Jiménez Pizarro, Demian Katz, Patrick McAndrew, Jessica Otterbine, Alix Rosenfeld, David Uspal, and Kayla Van Osten. Special thanks to Anna Fitzpatrick and Chelsea Phillips for content and research assistance.

Narrator: Chris Hallberg

Editors: Laura Bang and Chris Hallberg

Producer: Chris Hallberg

Executive Producer: Laura Bang


Last Modified: April 20, 2016